PayPal to become accessible on Facebook Messenger shopping bots

25 October 2016

An online payment company PayPal has partnered with the California-based social networking giant Facebook over the new payment processing deal. PayPal will now be accessible on Facebook and its Messenger as a payment option for shopping using the chatbot. Customers can easily link their PayPal account with the social media profile. According to the official report from Facebook the payment option will be fully integrated into the Messenger by the year’s end.

Apart from PayPal customers can access Stripe, Visa, MasterCard and American Express payment methods if they have other preferences. Payment data is stored by the bots within Facebook Messenger.

It was a quite recent move of Facebook to allow its social network users to directly sell and purchase various items in an array of Messenger bots. Now this shopping capability is expanded with the use of PayPal payment option. The agreement between Facebook and PayPal does not include person-to-person payments.

Apart from transactions customers will be receiving notifications in their Messengers from PayPal. The introduction of the service is planned for the US users at first, and the global release has not been announced yet.

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg as a network for Harward students. At the moment it is a large for-profit corporation providing online social media services with 1.71 billion active daily users.

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