PayPal and Apple Pay now available from the cabin of Jaguar cars to pay for fuel

15 February 2017

Drivers of new Jaguar cars across the UK can now fill the fuel and pay from their touchscreen from the comfort of their cabin which is possible due to the partnership between the car maker and Shell. At any participating Shell fuelling stations users can specify the amount of fuel they need and checkout using PayPal or Apple Pay via the dedicated Shell app available for downloading currently in the UK with the global rollout scheduled later this year.

Jaguar drivers may come to any Shell pump station and pay for the fuel from their car’s touchscreens via PayPal or Apple Pay wallet. According to the official statement Shell app will later this year add Android Pay functionality as well. The touchscreen will display the electronic receipt which can also be sent to driver’s email address.

Spokesperson for Jaguar Land Rover notes that the new service comes just in time when cash is losing its popularity allowing drivers who may forget to take their credit or debit card with themselves to pay for the fuel at any participating pump location making several motions on their touchscreen displays.

Shell believes that in the course of further development and keeping up with the current pace the company will likely add functions to pay for car washing, ordering drinks and other services.

Last month Daimler Financial Services announced the acquisition of PayCash Europe, in a move to develop its own payment platform for car drivers under the ‘Mercedes pay’ brand.

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