Paycoinly Interview: “we are confident that Bitcoin will gain ground”

17 January 2018

Paycoinly Cryptocurrency trading comes as a more affordable alternative to stock exchanges requiring large capitals to derive sizable profits, and an increasing number of ordinary Internet users give a try to capitalizing on the volatility and rapid changes in the prices of the cryptocoins available today. In this post we are talking to an emerging UK cryptocurrency exchange and Bitcoin gift card startup, Paycoinly, about their business and expectations for the whole industry.

Greetings, could you, please, make brief introduction of your company to our readers?

Paycoinly is a registered UK Company, incorporated in 2017. A new start up in the Blockchain Tech industry.

Please, tell us more about your key offerings, including Bitcoin Wallet, Virtual Card and Gift Cards.

Paycoinly is all about how you buy, sell and spend your Cryptocurrencies. We will be launching with the following features: Peer to peer trading, Virtual and physical cards (Mastercard and Visa) and Paycoinly Giftcards (more on white paper).

You say that Paycoinly is accepted in 250 countries, but what is your primary market? Where does the major part of your customers join your platform from?

Paycoinly will be accepted at over 250 Countries. There is no particular region segregation. Paycoinly is opened all over the globe.

You are also working with merchants, what does it mean? What is the essence of your partnership with merchants? What do you offer to them and how can they start cooperating with you?

Merchants will help resell Paycoinly’s solution and they will also directly offer these services at local shops all over the world. (more on white paper).

How do you ensure security for all your clients? What measures do you have in place?

Two-factor authentication for user accounts, IP and browser security, token and SMS features and many more. We understand the risk in maintaining wallets used by thousands or millions of users, so we have employed the best blockchain developers out there to work for Paycoinly.

There is a great number of digital asset exchanges and providers of services associated with the cryptocurrency sales, why do you believe you are competitive in the market? What are your advantages over other similar platforms?

At an average level, the Paycoinly idea is far from other competitors as we stand alone to provide the combination of these services. Paycoinly Giftcard dominated in Cryptocurrencies is the first of its kind and we are putting everything possible to make it a success. We have structured how you can own a Giftcard in a Cryptocurrency without being affected by its price volatility. (more on white paper).

Saxo Bank made a forecast in its list of ‘Outrageous Predictions’ that Bitcoin will shoot up to the level of $60,000 in 2018 and drop to the $1,000 mark into 2019. Do you see any point in this forecast? What is your outlook for Bitcoin in 2018?

Its 2018 already and we are confident that Bitcoin will gain ground.

Many governments are concerned about unregulated cryptocurrency market. Do you think that the cryptocurrency industry needs any regulation? What is your opinion on this subject?

A decentralized system needs no regulation.

Where do you see Paycoinly in next 5 years?

We see Paycoinly taking over Visa and Mastercard. According to our White Paper, in 3-4 years, Paycoinly will have been deployed to over 150 countries with a forecast of over 10,000 merchants all over the world also estimating $1bn annual turnover.

Paycoinly will be launching its ICO in order to raise funds for major implementation, and the token will be ER20 compliant. Investors of these tokens will benefit Paycoinly’s increase in price immediately after the launch. Selling at $0.30 for 1 Paycoinly Token during the launch, this same token is estimated to raise up to $60 in two months after the launch.

Paycoinly Giftcards loaded with over 1,000 Cryptocurrencies/token just on one platform. We see it replacing local transfer of money with the help of our Merchants, both physical and online ones.

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