Patients want digitized health care information sharing as criminals tend to steal more patient data than credit cards

10 February 2017

As the latest research held by Xerox shows today criminals are more interested in health care information rather than credit card data. 2017 eHealth survey found that the number of personal data breaches in the health care sector in increasingly growing each year and many patients realize that their medical data is misappropriated and misused.

The survey unveils that 44% of the polled are worried about their personal data theft with 19% of the respondents expressing their preference to stay in long lines at the DMV instead of going to the doctor and lose their private information.

Last year every day at least one data breach was reported which means for the health care providers that they should make their every effort to protect patient’s data. 76% of the polled state that their personal information would be more secure if it were shared between the health care providers through dedicated safe electronic channel to replace the conservative hard copies.

Moreover, improved information transmission channels would benefit the patient condition, the survey respondents believe. About 87% of the polled suppose that secure information transmission between the providers would result in time saving while waiting for the test and examination results and diagnoses. In addition, 87% of the respondents also believe that the secure information sharing and better coordination between the forces of providers would also benefit the quality of health care service.

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