Panasonic presents an alternative to Amazon Go with its digital shopping cart

13 December 2016

panasonicLast week Amazon unveiled its UK registered trademark Amazon Go to pilot its checkout-free store with a number of selected employees. While some people may like the idea of manless service after the massive launch in the following year, others give their preference to an attended checkout process. For such cases Panasonic is offering its alternative to Amazon Go. The company is introducing its checkout system based on the technological baskets detecting the purchased items in the cart.

As the customer puts the goods from the shelves into the cart the special basket identifies them by the label recording the information. At the checkout customer puts the basket on the checkout machine and the bottom of the cart slides out, gently releasing the items in it into the bag, while also providing the summed cost of the items to the cashier.

Unlike Amazon Go the new technology from Panasonic allows consumers to pay with cash and enjoy the service of a physical employee present in the store. According to an executive from Panasonic, the market needs this alternative for customers wishing to be in a more manned environment rather than completely digital.

He adds that the technology is aimed at improving the shopping experience while not eliminating the live store employees as the process of shopping is related to the people’s need in human communication.

While Amazon is holding its trial in Seattle, Panasonic is piloting the new smart basket at Lawson convenience store in Osaka, Japan. The initial testing is scheduled to end in February next year with the massive expansion to the market in 2018.

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