Order your favorite pie at Pizza Hut by pressing the tongue of the Bluetooth-enabled sneakers

2 March 2017

Want to try some new way to order pizza to your door? Pizza Hut is about to launch its Pie Tops – special sneakers with the push button in the area of the right toe to place an order for another pizza pie. The sneakers have Bluetooth capability and are connected to the mobile application downloaded to the mobile device.

Pizza Hut has developed the new technology enabling fans of pizza make orders automatically after they pre-enter personal details into the mobile application. After first time of providing their address, payment data and default pizza type customers will further need just to press the button on the tongue of their right shoe by their toe and wait for some time while their pizza is being delivered to their homes. For other pizza options customers just press the button on the shoe again and browse for menu from their mobile phone.

According to the media reports the Pie Tops have been developed by Dominic Chambrone, and the number of first prototypes will make up 64 timed to the NCAA Basketball Tournament involving 64 participating teams, given Pizza Hut’s being official sponsor of the event.

Pizza Hut

First shoes will be distributed among influencers and media personalities for promotion purposes, and several pairs of Pie Tops will be given to select fans of Pizza Hut, says spokesperson for Pizza Hut.

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