Orange launches mobile payment service for youngsters

19 October 2016

Orange Telecommunications company Orange in partnership with Wirecard announced the launch of new services for the mobile subscribers in France. The target audience of the new initiative are young people, mostly teens, to allow them to make payments with the use of the mobile application. Teens need to provide the signature of their parent or guardian after which they can make payments without a plastic card or cash.

The service will be powered by Wirecard, which will be processing transactions. An executive at Wirecard notes that as smartphones are increasingly adopted by young generation in their everyday life the company sees it as an opportunity to start a new service eliminating the need to carry credit card of parents for making payments, enabling them instead to shop online with their mobile devices.

A representative from Orange Nicolas Lévi says that the idea of innovation driving the philosophy of the company helps it create cutting-edge efficient services for their consumers, and Wirecard contributes to this vision improving the mobile payments experience.

Service will be accessible for French users after registration which can be performed using mobile application, website or at accredited stores of Organge.

At the moment Orange holds majority of shares in Groupama Banque after the acquisition’s approval by the French and European regulatory authorities. Starting January next year the bank will be rebranded as Orange Bank.

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