Online shopping and payment capability may come under Google Assistant service

17 January 2017

According to some speculations by experts in the industry, Google is taking steps to realize the payment capability of its Google Assistant. Reports show that latest version of Google’s application beta features a string code, which, as experts note, could indicate that payments in a short time would be possible on Google Assistant. The string code shows that the voice service of Google may be able to process credit card payments and provide direct links to the support team of the company.

One of the reports say that on the basis of the string code and its functionality payments made through Assistant will likely be used for provision of services and making purchases online. It concludes that the new functionality could be implemented for Google Express Shopping.

Moreover, the code of string prompts the availability of shared devices, yet there is no clear understanding of the purpose for that. The report provides its reflections pointing to that the transactions may be device-based to enable only some models of mobile phones to access this feature, thus, preventing minors from making accidental orders online.

Last December the company invited developers to join the initiative for designing special chatbots for the personal assistance service activated by voice. Various groups of developers along with companies and other parties will be participating in the creation of bots answering the questions and, perhaps, capable to provide purchasing services and booking using voice commands.

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