Online fraud growth in England and Wales

26 July 2016

Expert at Kaspersky Lab unveiled some online fraud statistics in England and Wales, saying that 51% of the national fraud were related to the online crimes within the period from October 2015 to March 2016, and 28% of that figure were connected with non-investment fraud, like shopping online or calls for PC services, 2 million cases represented computer misuse with 68% of that figure related to internet viruses, 32% came from phony access to the private data, hacking included.

The researcher notes that the provided statistics shows that 51% of all the crimes are now committed on the internet. It is not something unexpected for those who oppose the online crimes every day, while markets suffer in the wake of the financial technology development driving all financing operations to the web, opening the new door for cybercrime perpetrators.

He also says that the borders between the online fraud and scam in the real life are often not very clear, when, for instance, fraudsters accept calls to fake number over the phone deceiving the victim to get access to their PC remotely. The experts urged consumers to stay on the alert and care for their internet security, making safe passwords, using better software to protect their PC and be scrupulous to letters and messages on their emails.

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