One access to multiple payment clearance platforms by Bottomline

15 July 2016

Bottomline TechnologiesA single platform for managing different payment services are at hand in the UK uniting SWIFT, Paym, CHAPS, CASS, NACHA, CREST, as well as Faster Payments at one point.

Bottomline Technologies uncovered its new Bottomline Universal Aggregator™ for financial organizations, including non-banking companies and governmental-owned organizations, to get access to payment processing engines worldwide, eliminating any need in cost-intensive funding.

The solution unites a number of payment service providers with the newly launched Faster Payment Service on the list.

Managers of the company feel confident that new system will greatly contribute to the user experience in the UK ensuring online service round the clock.

It can be easily implemented managing many formats of financial messages and instructions. The platform features security, high scalability and flexibility.

The electronic payment industry of the United Kingdom is a £75 trillion market today. The new product of Bottomline Technologies brings cutting-edge technologies and improved access to that niche.

In view of high spending on processing payments made from multiple platforms in Europe, as underlined by an executive of the company, this new service is an unparalleled advantage. The same benefit of operating various payment gateways all-in-one is now available for less investments saving money and time, making the work of financial system more efficient and viable, allowing any legal entity to clear their settlements faster and cheaper.

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