OmiseGo price surges to the benchmark of a two-months high reaching $20.67

26 April 2018

OmiseGo Latest statistics for the listings of cryptocurrency tokens at different exchanges show that OmiseGo token, OMG, has seen a double digit increase on Thursday, thus posing a serious competition to other tokens in the list of top 25 cryptocurrencies by their market value.

Today, OmiseGo has reached the benchmark of $20.67, a two-month high, and is traded at Bitfinex at $18.20, a 15% growth above the previous day. Furthermore, the denominated exchange rate for the pair OMG-BTC has also surged up to a seven-month high benchmark of 0.0023466BTC.

Experts believe that the increase in the valuation may be related to the start of OMG listing on Bithumb exchange, one of the largest in South Korea. Besides, Zebpay, Indian largest cryptocurrency exchange, also started listing the OMG token. Analysts, however, believe that the prospect for the OMG token will further remain bullish for as long as the price remains above the level of $14.40.

OmiseGO is one of the largest Ethereum-based projects providing payment services and operating a decentralized exchange. OMG was the first Ethereum project to exceed the valuation benchmark of $1 billion, becoming the first Ethereum unicorn startup. OmiseGO scheduled the launch of its first wallet SDK in the first quarter of this year with further improvements and upgrades expected for the platform in general and for the wallet.

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