Nordea enables invoice payments through Facebook Messenger for Norway users

1 December 2017

NordeaNordea, a Nordic financial services group with its main operations in Northern Europe, reported this week the introduction of the first across Nordic countries banking service available through Facebook Messenger. In the official statement the banking group announced that customers will be offered to make payments on their bills using the electronic invoice feature inside Facebook Messenger.

The new service based on the platform of Nets, a Nordic payment services provider, enables completely automated invoice payment that could be activated just starting the conversation with the chatbot in the Messenger. Users in Norway will be able to pay their bills anytime and from anywhere.

John Sætre, speaking for Nordea Norway, noted that the launch of a new service brings more fun to this routine task, making it more convenient and customer-friendly, as more bank account holders spend their time in the social networks and messengers.

In order to start using the electronic invoice service, users need to register with their bank ID and after that they may confirm transactions using their PIN created for mobile banking operations. Invoices may be confirmed, viewed or altered right from the Messenger.

Sætre added that from now on customers may continue chatting in their social media accounts and pay their bills and electronic invoices anytime they wish without leaving the conversation process.

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