Ninety billion-dollar online shopping days end up with $49.3 billion spending

19 December 2016

This holiday shopping season showed an unparalleled increase in the consecutive days of billion dollar sales on the internet from desktop computers. According to statistical data from a research agency the number of billion dollar sales since Thanksgiving has reached 19 overpassing the record of nine consecutive billion dollar days last year.

Research agency reported that on Green Monday (December 12) online shoppers spent 1.62 billion US dollars from their PCs, a 15% growth against the previous year figure, being the 5th largest spending day online for the holiday season after Cyber Monday, Tuesday November 29, Black Friday and Friday December 9. According to an executive of the research agency, online spending continued to grow strongly since Thanksgiving and Green Monday was the 19th consecutive billion dollar day with the total number of sale days reaching up to 27 days for this season.

He continues that over the past years the significance of Green Monday for online sales has declined a little, and, on the other hand, Black Friday’s importance was up. Yet, on Green Monday sales growth reached 15% against the same period last year, which is a good indication on the week of intense online purchasing for the season.

The report shows that to December 14 shoppers spent 49.3 billion US dollars on the internet over this online shopping season, 12% up above the same period of the past year.

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