NFC-powered payment terminals to reach 86.9 million units

16 November 2016

According to the latest research conducted by an analyst firm, in 2016 the number of NFC-ready POS terminals shipped worldwide will reach 16.1 million. The study shows that the attach rate reached the highest values in Europe and North American states with 93% and 92% respectively shipped with NFC capability. Turkey, China and Brazil turned out other major markets where NFC-powered terminals are popular.

The forecast of the research is that on a worldwide basis the average growth of adoption of the NFC-ready POS terminals will increase from 45 million devices today to 86.9 million units adopted in 2020, which will account for 77% of the POS terminals across the globe, a 46% increase from the current figure.

The statistics in the research also shows that in the middle of the current year the number of POS terminals which accepted near-filed communication transactions reached 15.0 million units with the contactless payment systems including Visa payWave, MasterCard PayPass or UnionPay Quickpass.

The key development in the market contributing to the expansion of NFC-powered transactions is the increase of mobile POS terminals connected to a mobile device. According to the forecast in the study the adoption rate of near-filed communication among mPOS terminals is at a level of 45 percent in 2016, while by 2020 it is forecast to reach 32.4 million units supporting contactless payments, up from 8.2 million in 2016.

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