New approval procedure for EMV contactless mobile payment devices

18 August 2016

The new testing procedure for mobile gadgets offering NFC payments is under development by EMVCo, a consortium regulating the EMV technical standards. The procedure will cover devices operating on the platform of EMV Level 1 terminals. While the popularity of contactless payments is growing among people, the EMVCo feels it important to help manufacturers stay on the required level of smartphone development.

The new procedure is designed to ensure proper testing of the mobile gadgets for their consistency with the payment terminals and platforms, as noted by the consortium executive.

The newly announced testing system is aimed at facilitating the process of adjusting the mobile gadgets to the mobile payment market. The new testing procedure will consist of a number of stages, including digital as well as analog test of mobile protocols according to the established EMV specification. Besides, the testing will include check for seamless interoperability of mobile gadgets with the certified payment terminals. The new process will also cover SE and HCE technologies, as noted in the official press release.

This year EMVCo modernized its specifications for tokens in the EMV payments adding the PAR technology which helps increase the payment security by referring only to primary account number of card holders.

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