NCR enables customers to ask Alexa about their bank account balance

4 October 2017

NCR NCR, a Georgia-based computer hardware and software developing company, is partnering with Town & Country Federal Credit Union among the first financial institutions over the creation of a new voice-command service based on Amazon’s Alexa assistant. NCR plans to enable customers across the United States to ask simple questions about their banking information using voice recognition technology.

NCR will be working with Town & Country to design and pilot a new skill for Alexa voice assistant that will include making inquiries about the account information such as “Alexa, ask Town and Country, what is my balance?”.

The piloted program will be accessible for the U.S. customers of Digital Insight, acquired by NCR in January 2014. NCR is currently inviting banks and other financial institutions to jump on board to join forces for improving the quality of the new solution based on the feedback from end users.

Speaking for Town & Country, David Libby, president and CEO, expressed his excitement about joining the NCR’s program, being the first credit union to test a new skill for Alexa linked to a bank account and make a contribution to the development of innovative ways for financial institutions to explore this voice recognition technology.

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