Mastercard will introduce biometric authorization for online shoppers in Europe next April

23 January 2018

Mastercard Mastercard plans to bring its payment infrastructure in compliance with the latest regulation passed in the European Union to offer customers an option for online verification and authentication using their biometric data. The regulation coming into force through PSD2 binds the payment institutions and banks to provide a choice of biometric technology by next April.

Thus, starting April 2019 customers shopping online will be able to complete their transactions with Mastercard cards by authorizing payments and confirming their identities using biometric platforms integrated into their devices such as facial recognition, fingerprint authentication or iris recognition when redirected to the checkout page on the website of an online store.

According to the statistics from the poll held last year by Mastercard and Oxford University, 93% of consumers expressed their preference in favor of fingerprint or facial recognition technologies when confirming the transactions, and 92% of the banking institutions also expressed their interest in implementing the biometric authorization methods.

Today the technology known as Mastercard Identity Check, enabling customers to authorize their payments with fingerprints, iris and facial recognition is already used for online shopping and banking operations in 37 countries.

Javier Perez, speaking for Mastercard Europe, noted that the biometric authorization is a perfect response to customers’ expectations as they want to see more convenient and secure verification technologies of the future as their lifestyles are increasingly getting digitized.

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