Mastercard provides virtual access to Swarovski shopping through VR headset

26 September 2017

Mastercard Mastercard joined the list of companies shifting their financial services into the virtual reality and partnered with an Austrian producer of crystal, Swarovski, to enable shoppers to browse and buy items using their VR headset and Masterpass digital wallet. A special application has been developed for the Atelier Swarovski home décor line to allow customers using VR headset connected to their phones to go and look around five areas in the virtual home exploring the products range.

When a user looks at an item, the application displays its cost, providing detailed information about the process of manufacture and the background story telling how the authors were inspired to create this masterpiece.

As users launch the application they are suggested to sign in through their Masterpass account and to complete the purchase customers just stare at the button of Masterpass displayed at the bottom of the product description and go to the checkout page.

Linda Kirkpatrick, speaking for Mastercard, noted that the company’s goal is to bring a diversified choice to do shopping to their customers, allowing them to make purchases whenever they want it and how they want it, while ensuring security and seamless process. Accordingly, Mastercard believes that merchants need to be ready to provide access to their stores across various technology platforms, including virtual and augmented reality.

Last October, Alibaba introduced VR Pay service to allow its customers to shop in the virtual reality using VR headset. This year in late May, Worldpay announced the option for gamers to purchase items in-game using digital goggles.

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