MasterCard looks new

18 July 2016

MasterCard is rebranding its image by introducing new look of its visual attributes. The Company is renewing its logo noting that the new era requires repositioning its appearance, and, thus, one the largest payment processing providers wants to look as a cutting-edge, advanced and consumer oriented organization with the core changes applied to its brand image.

An executive speaking for MasterCard underlined that being an outstanding trade mark across the globe the company is developing very fast upgrading its design by making it look neat and stylish.

It is a right time for MasterCard to show visually the company it is, says the spokesperson.

The main idea of the work for rebranding was to maintain its legacy while operating smooth with an array of systems, chains and devices.

Rebranding will apply to every product of MasterCard, its messages and offerings, and it will begin later in July with the new product announced last week. Masterpass will be an opening event for the refreshed visual look of the company.

MasterCard and MasterpassMasterpass was announced as the new start for electronic payments. The product will allow users to access quick and safe payment service using multiple gadgets and communication lines from any point whenever they want to go into online shopping.

Over 5 million spots in 77 states all over the world will be accessible for Masterpass users.

The first market to see the release of Masterpass will be US, followed by European countries and states of Middle East. Then it will be implemented in North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

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