MasterCard implements biometric authentication after long trials

15 September 2016

MasterCard After testing for about a year its biometric technology for identity information protection Identity Check, MasterCard is launching it for transactions with retailers and banking institutions in the upcoming weeks. The technology has been in trial mode since October 2015 in several countries, including the Netherlands, Canada and the US.

Taking into account the changing focus of the scamsters who now face the problem of chip-based cards and as a result move to online transactions requiring no physical presence of the plastic card, the card issuing companies need to provide additional layer of protection for mobile and internet purchasers.

Identity Check requires a consumer to upload the photo or fingerprint of his to the application provided by MasterCard for authentication. For those purchasers who make their buys online using desktop or notebook SMS-confirmation will be sent to their mobile devices with the request to provide biometric information.

The pilot has been conducted by the card issuing company in partnership with ABN Amro Grooup NV, Bank of Montreal and First Tech Federal Credit Union.

Companies are currently making heavy investments in developing and adopting their own biometric authentication services to help protect transactions of their consumers while enhancing their customer loyalty with the added value of increased protection.

In August Visa and MasterCard unveiled their project for creating unified biometric authentication standard for EMV cards in South Africa.

Earlier this month Barclays also announced its biometric authentication platform for account holders to access accounts using biometric data instead of phone-based passwords.

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