Mastercard enables augmented reality shopping with iris authentication

23 October 2017

Virtual reality shopping is taken more seriously by retailers and payment gateways with Mastercard coming to the stage with its own augmented reality experience, a result of joint forces between the card processor, Qualcomm and ODG. The new pilot program reported by Mastercard will allow customers to use Masterpass and Identity Check Mobile for biometric authentication during transactions when they shop in the virtual reality.

In the official statement the company reported that the technology was developed by Qualcomm Technologies and offers photorealistic augmented reality, making shoppers feel like they walk in the real store. Sherri Haymond, speaking for Mastercard, noted that major changes in the commerce world are driven by consumer behavior, which is increasingly shifting into the plane of digital technologies.

Haymond added that given the entwinement of the digital and real worlds in our daily life, the company decided to focus on creating solutions capable to embrace all technology platforms to enable merchants to accept payments across most of them, including in-store, in-app, online and in virtual reality.

Shopping in the new augmented reality environment customers may view presentations of the goods before they take a decision on the purchase and get more information about the viewed item, as well as enjoy a range of additional functions not available in the brick-and-mortar shops. Customers will be able to pay for the goods using Masterpass, after they pass the authentication procedure through iris recognition provided by Qualcomm. To finalize the transaction customers need to select a card from their Masterpass wallet and confirm the purchase. Purchased items may be delivered or taken from the store, based on the availability status.

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