Mastercard acquires Brighterion to integrate its artificial intelligence solutions

18 July 2017

Mastercard in a move to enhance its protection of customers against the fraud has made a decision to get the ownership of Brighterion, a San Francisco-based corporation providing artificial intelligence solutions and machine learning technologies, but the terms of the transaction remain vague.

Brighterion allegedly is providing the most comprehensive package of artificial intelligence solutions and machine learning technologies in the world, and these are utilized by homeland security department, anti-money laundering authorities and fraud prevention, data breach identification and other sectors.

Mastercard plans to integrate Brighterion’s Smart Agent technology into its security solutions already underpinned by the artificial intelligence. Ajay Bhalla speaking for Mastercard notes that the company’s implementation of artificial intelligence projects across its network has already proven successful, and the acquisition will be further expanding its functionality improving customer experience.

Akli Adjaoute talking for Brighterion explains that the partnership with Mastercard lasts for several years already and this cooperation has brought a multitude of positive results in identifying the schemes and trends helping to improve authorization and decisioning activities of customers. The deal will thus be built on that basis resulting in even higher security experience across the industry.

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