Kohl’s retailer is offering its own mobile payment application

6 October 2016

An American retail chain Kohl’s is introducing a mobile payment application for its consumers to checkout inside any store location. Kohl’s Pay is an extension to the previously launched Kohl’s mobile wallet. Using the application customers get access to the loyalty promotions and rewards campaigns as well as save their gift cards, make scanning of the goods and turn on notifications on the sales with the purchases to be sent to their homes for free.

Meantime, the mobile application features some drawbacks preventing consumers from loading any bank card into the wallet, as they can link only Kohl’s Charge card to it. Kohl’s believe that consumers will be attracted by the opportunity to store up their rewards and withdraw them through one transaction at checkout without any need in hardcopies of receipts.

Kohl’s Pay users will not be able to tap and go as the mobile application offers not Near-field communication capability. Users need to scan the QR-code of the goods they purchase and complete the transaction with all applicable points accrued to them.

Mobile users may download the application for their Android or iOS based devices. At the same time Kohl’s does not revoke the use of Apple Pay which also features loyalty programs and rewards, still allowing to use Kohl’s cards with the Apple Pay mobile payment system.

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