Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Binance becomes No1 in the world by volumes of trading

27 December 2017

Binance Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, has become the world’s largest digital asset trading platform by volumes of traded coins, reaching $2.8 billion since Tuesday, a benchmark achieved just 5 months after the official launch of the exchange this July. The exchange reported also that it has recently brought together 2.9 million users to its trading arena, unlike other major exchanges in the industry closing their services for new traders as they do their best to cope with inflows of trading volumes.

Binance is accessible to all users worldwide and supports trading in such languages as English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, French and German. The exchange representatives believe that such a rapid growth should be attributed to its development programs and unique solutions for helping new startups conduct their token crowdsale, Binance Launchpad in particular.

Since Binance Launchpad solution was announced earlier this month, GIFTO, Decentralized Gifting Platform for Content Creators, has made bank of $3 million by selling its tokens during the ICO held using Binance Launchpad just in seconds, becoming thus one of the fastest and most effective token sales in Asian region. After success of GIFTO, Bread, a decentralized banking application, held its ICO with the tokens sold out within seconds to an amount exceeding $3.5 million to users of Binance.

The platform creators also think that the success is driven by its loyal user base and efforts to maintain speed, security and cutting-edge technology.

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