Integrated Ventures introduces CryptoFunder blockchain platform for loan data management

19 December 2017

Integrated VenturesIntegrated Ventures, Inc., a Huntingdon Valley-based holding company focused on software assets in on-demand mobile healthcare and blockchain solutions, launched its blockchain platform for lenders to keep records and manage their loan-associated information.

The new platform dubbed CryptoFunder is aimed at providing services related to qualifying, starting, underwriting and processing transactions and tracking digitally mined assets, while at the same time using them as a main payment method for business loans, lending contracts and convertible debt notes.

Steve Rubakh, CEO of Integrated Ventures, noted that CryptoFunder will be the first step of the company on its way towards blockchain market development after it started cryptocurrency mining operations, which will enable the company to further improve this technology and ‘accumulate multi-coin inventory’.

CryptoFunding will offer a number of lending information storage tools, while ensuring ability to verify and continuity of operation. Through this platform Integrated Ventures is pursuing an ambitious goal to join forces with software development vendors over creating new joint ventures.

Rubakh added that the company has plans to take advantage of their mining operations for the purpose of its positioning as a strong player in the blockchain ecosystem.

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