Ingenico eliminates personal data introduction for mobile shopping

26 October 2016

IngenicoThis week two divisions of Ingenico Group, Ingenico ePayments and their Ingenico Labs introduced their latest service to allow consumers to use their plastic card for making payments on their mobile phone while shopping online. To complete a purchase a user needs to tap a plastic card over their NFC-enabled mobile device.

The new service called TapHero is a brand-new payment product for mobile shoppers who make visits to online stores but feature low rate of conversion into sales because of inconvenient payment process. TapHero combines card-present and card-not-present options and is easily integrated into checkout systems of merchants. Users distracted by the need to enter a lot personal data now can just tap their payment card and the information will be automatically read and typed into the corresponding fields on the transaction page. Besides, the service may simulate the card-present payment too for advanced safety of transaction.

The new platform integrated into the online store automatically detects if the mobile device is NFC powered and is not displayed for those shoppers who use smartphones without such capability. After detecting the NFC-capable device the service does not required the shopper to pass any registration process and provide addition information. The personal data is not stored on the mobile device which contributes to the data protection and security.

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