Information of hundreds of thousands consumers compromised in a data breach of Equifax

8 September 2017

EquifaxEquifax, an Atlanta-based consumer credit reporting agency, unveiled a massive hacking attack on its website resulting in a data breach of about 143 million US consumers. The credit referencing agency reported that the unknown perpetrators made use of a flaw that existed in the company’s website and got a leg in a host of files over the period of three months from May through July 2017.

According to the report, the breached data mainly includes personal names, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses and in some cases numbers of driver’s license. Besides, hackers successfully accessed the numbers of about 209 thousand US credit cards and several dispute documents containing private identification information of around 182 thousand US consumers. The company also detected some actions to trace some private data of certain UK and Canadian individuals.

Richard Smith, CEO of Equifax, commenting on the incident called it disappointing for the company and brought apologies to consumers and business clients for the inconvenience and concerns raised by this accident.

Equifax launched a special website,, for the consumers to check if their private data was affected and subscribe for the monitoring of credit files to determine of their information has proper theft protection.

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