Indian Zensoft integrates OPEN’s solutions to process cryptocurrency payments

27 February 2018

ZensoftZensoft, an Indian testing automation services and software provider, announced strategic partnership with OPEN, a blockchain payments infrastructure provider, to implement its solutions for accepting cryptocurrency payments from its customers.

OPEN develops systems and technologies for facilitating the process of blockchain integration into existing software applications used by companies. With OPEN’s solutions Zensoft will be able to process cryptocurrency transactions on its own backend.

Ken Sangha, speaking for OPEN, noted that Zensoft is the first enterprise-level partner participating in the integration of OPEN’s solutions into its business ecosystem. He further added that the mission of OPEN is to help developers seamlessly adopt blockchain technology without the need to forgo their existing software architectures.

David Tolioupov, speaking for Zensoft, said that the incorporation of OPEN’s solutions into its platform meets the mission of the company to become an AWS for software development. Companies in the cryptocurrency industry may now access development, design, machine learning and other services and solutions from Zensoft while paying with a cryptocurrency, which, in turn, expands Zensoft’s ability to reach more clients.

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