Hedley Productions continues run for funds through ETH crowdfunding

23 August 2016

Raise of funds for financing the film of Hedley Productions is still on the go. The funds are sought through the sales of VCAP for cryptocurrency of Etherium. As provided on the official website for 1 ETH users will get 2 VCAPs. The move is aimed at collecting digital funds from the investors in the crowdfunding format. Vulture Capital, a subsidiary of the film making studio, talks about additional advantages apart from being just an investor to the movie production.

An author for the studio expressed her impressions about the crowdfunding project, noting that the community of funding people are sharing their ideas and this makes the film creation a collective job leading, in her opinion, to incredible production.

The film to be titled “Listen Carefully” is a comedy covering corporations and self culture along with the paranoiac actions on the part of the state bodies. The movie project starts this autumn and is scheduled for screens next summer.

The target amount for the project will account for 45,000 coins of Etherium. The studio says that the project requires 3.5 million US dollars, while some people express their doubt about the sufficiency of that amount.

The proceedings from the movie will serve as dividends for crowdfunding investors to pay for their VCAPs with the remaining amounts to be paid to the film makers.

This is not the only benefit for the investors. People further will be participating in the film making sharing their ideas and views, approving the film making process at several stages. The studio wants to maintain communication with the VCAP token holders to help the company be more creative.

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