Google unites Androind Pay and Google Wallet under single brand “Google Pay”

9 January 2018

Google Google announced the merge of its payment solutions Android Pay and Google Wallet into one payment ecosystem dubbed Google Pay, as the company wants to give more consistent service to its customers with improved experience when paying for their purchases both online and at physical stores.

Pali Bhat, speaking for Google, noted that with the combined solution users will have an easier way to enter their payment details to be directly saved on their Google Account, which will make their checkout process much faster and more convenient. Within the upcoming weeks Google Pay will go live online and offline allowing customers to pay for their daily purchases and make transfers between the accounts.

At the moment Google Pay is already accessible for use on Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse, Instacart along with other applications and websites.

Dave Glaser, speaking for Worldpay, an official launch partner for Google Pay, added that the combined service addresses the key issue with the mobile payments: a cumbersome process of entering card details. Form-filling may become a serious reason for frustration of customers, he notes, and over one fifth of all users abandon their carts for that. With Google Pay card details of customers will be automatically retrieved from the system substantially speeding up the checkout.

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