GoFundMe approached 3 billion $ benchmark in crowdfunding programs

15 December 2016

This week GoFundMe crowdfunding platform provided its annual report showing that since the inception of the project it has helped to collect over 3 billion US dollars. The crowdfunding firm also reported that the number of program organizers achieved 2 million and the number of donors – 25 million with the number of those benefited from the funding campaigns increased three times in 2016.

CEO of the firm expressed its positive outlook noting that in 2016 GoFundMe helped a great number of people but that was just a start as the company believes within the following year the project has yet more to do and to offer.

According to Forbes’ comments made last year GoFundMe features a unique personal nature of campaigns. Besides, the firm expanded into the equity crowdfunding focusing on small corporations.

GoFundMe charges 5% fee and credit processing fees with the revenue run rate over 50 million US dollars, ten times higher than that of other players in the market.

Last year CEO of the crowdfunding platform told Forbes that the company has ambitious plans to become like LinkedIn and Facebook and Twitter in their respective industries. GoFundMe wants to become a leader in the giving field.

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