GlobalGiving crowdfunding platform for grassroots projects expands into India and South East Asia

1 May 2017

United States based non-profit organization providing crowdfunding platform for grassroots projects GlobalGiving is expanding its presence into the Indian market through the partnership with Indian online crowdfunding service Impact Guru. The partnership will be focused on providing tax incentives for donors from the US and the UK to allow them make contributions to charities and non-government organizations based in India.

Impact Guru will integrate the technical capabilities of GlobalGiving into its platform and Indian NGOs will be helping donors of Indian origin and non-Indians in the US and the UK to obtain tax exemptions for facilitating the donation into charity projects in India. Through tax exemptions, Impact Guru believes, NGOs will be able to get access to more capital from Indian diaspora.

Spokesperson for GlobalGiving notes that they are very enthusiastic about the partnership over assisting NGOs in India to get access to donors in India, the United States and United Kingdom via a single crowdfunding place.

The cooperation between the two crowdfuding platforms goes far beyond India, and will involve non-profit organizations and social companies from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand to collect funds using the service of Impact Guru.

Impact Guru expects that within 5 years the cooperation with GlobalGiving will result in fund raising making up as much as Rs 2 billion with 15% of these money to stand for the platform’s revenue.

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