How to get cryptocurrency without a need to purchase it?

11 October 2017

Almost any cryptocurrency today may be mined through complex mathematical calculations using high-performance computing circuits or usual GPUs. In some cases a miner needs to make a substantial investment into the hardware before starting to earn coins for transaction processing. Most users, however, prefer to purchase coins and trade them on special digital asset exchanges. Meantime, there are ways to obtain cryptocoins at no cost and without a need to mine them.

ICOs and wallets

Many fintech startups launching their Initial Coin Offerings often provide free bonuses to users who register for participation in the ICO. There are many resources on the Internet publishing the announcements about the upcoming ICOs with the terms and conditions attached. Some of these resources are TokenMarket and ICO Alert.

There are cryptocurrencies which credit several coins as a subscription bonus to the account of a new user. To claim the bonus a user just needs to download a wallet application, pass the registration process and get an incentive. One of such newly created cryptocurrencies is SpeedCoin: it offers 1,000 Speedcoins (SPD) for installing a wallet.


There are many giveaway websites where Internet users may claim a few coins to their existing wallets. However, these wallets should be the same as listed on the giveaway website. Besides, giveaway websites may run out of the free coins, so a user needs to constantly monitor, when the free cryptocurrency is available. One such website is CryptoGiveaways.

Affiliate programs

Many cryptocurrencies encourage the use of their coins through the affiliate programs offering existing account holders to earn some extra coins by advising their friends or other people to use their wallet. They just need to subscribe for the affiliate program and save their affiliate link to be sent to everyone in their phone or social media contact list.


Reading books

Reading books, as it appears, may be free and bring rewards. PaidBooks website offers any individual to read classic books available on their website and earn a reward paid every ten minute to the balance of the reader. At the end of the week Bitcoins (not the whole coins, of course, but their fractions) are transferred to the reader’s wallet.

Playing games

Playing games is the most popular way to get free coins. Usually, game developers stuff their smartphone games with ads to afford giving free coins to gamers. Some of such games include Blockchain Game for Android and iOS devices and Bitcoin Popper for Android. A user just needs to install the game, link it to the Bitcoin wallet, enjoy playing and accumulate rewards in Satoshi (the smallest Bitcoin denomination equal to 0.00000001 BTC).

Clickers and surveys

Clickers and paid surveys are not new today. They have been around for several years allowing Internet users to earn extra money from the comfort of their homes for just clicking on the advertisements, video commercials and responding the questions in the online polls. Most of these websites pay to PayPal account. There are, however, websites that pay in BTC. For instance, Coinadder pays 50 Satoshi per each click. BitcoinGet invites users to complete tasks, participate in surveys and do some jobs to earn bits (a Bitcoin denomination worth 0.000001 BTC).


Faucets resemble giveaway websites as they represent such Internet resources, where users are offered free Bitcoin or other coins for completing a captcha puzzle or some task. The name faucet is used to denote a tap-like concept of these websites, which giveaway small portions of coins called ‘drops’. The main goal of faucet websites is to introduce beginners to cryptocurrencies, while the key source of profit for the faucets is advertisement. Users cannot claim earned coins (usually measured in satoshi) until they reach some significant amount. This way the faucets try to save costs on transaction processing fees. In our next post we will take a closer look at faucets and review top paying faucets on the Internet.

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