German fintech solarisBank adds ABN Amro’s online unit Moneyou to the list of partners

5 December 2017

solarisBank SolarisBank, a Berlin-based fintech provider of banking as a platform (BaaP) services under the German banking license, has entered into a brand-new partnership with Moneyou, an online division of ABN Amro. Previously, solarisBank used to make deals only with fintech companies and digital service providers, enabling them to offer their own financial products to their respective clients.

Now Moneyou customers will be able to file applications for loans provided by solarisBank in the amount of 1000 to 35,000 euros. The process of the loan agreement formalization, as well as decision provision takes about 7 minutes, as it requires only video identification and digital information entry without cumbersome paperwork, which usually takes place at physical locations.

Speaking for Moneyou, Liesbeth Rigter noted that the fast provision of loans online will serve as a building block for an unprecedented concept of providing self-determined decisions with instant procedures oriented at modern reality, where customers exist today.

Marko Wenthin, COO and co-founder of solarisBank, adds that the first partnership with another bank is a proof of the right approach taken by the fintech company, featuring high potential of bringing startups, digital services providers, banks and corporations together to create one balanced financial environment.

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