Gemalto strikes a deal with Thales to sell its business for $5.6 billion

18 December 2017

Gemalto Gemalto, an Amsterdam-based international digital security solutions developer, and Thales, a French developer of electrical systems and services for the aerospace, defence, transportation and security markets, announced the deal, under the terms of which Gemalto will be acquired by Thales for $5.6 billion (4.8 billion euros). The companies agreed to the all-cash terms with Gemalto shares to be sold at a price of €51 per share, including dividends.

Patrice Caine, executive chairman and CEO of Thales, noted that the takeover of Gemalto is a major benchmark in following the company’s vision to complete digital transformation of the industry and customer experience. Caine believes that the deal will bring benefit both for innovation and employment, while keeping due regard to individual strategic technologies.

The new business will make up 20% of the estimated income for the group with 3.5 billion euro generated in revenues in the market of digital security products. As a follow-up of the deal Thales will be able to provide its products and solutions to enterprises along with governmental agencies meeting all their data security needs. Besides, the acquisition provides Thales with technologies to be used across all of its five strategic markets. Under the terms of the deal no workforce reduction is expected for Gemalto’s staff.

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