France takes up the struggle for extraditing BTC-e money landering criminal, Vinnik

28 June 2018

France follows the path of the Russian Federation and the United States as it seeks an extradition of Alexander Vinnik, accused of money laundering through infamous BTC-e digital exchange. Last July it was reported that U.S. Department of Justice sought for an indictment against Vinnik, as he allegedly provided support in laundering over 4 billion US dollars in bitcoin, including those profits generated through the Mt. Gox hacking attack.

Vinnik was operating BtC-e, a bitcoin exchange, which has also been charged with a 110 million US dollars fine by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), for violating the anti-money laundering regulations of the United States. However, the exchange came to life again under the new name, WEX.

Now France wants to intervene in a dispute as long as Greek courts are at the threshold of drawing the line in the case. According to the report made by the Associated Press, France intends to try Vinnik on several counts, including cybercrime, money laundering and participation in a criminal organization and blackmailing.

Meantime, Ilias Spyrliadis, a lawyer of Vinnik, noted that it is to be seen which of the extradition requests will have a priority with the two of them based on international arrest warrants, and one of them backed by the European arrest warrant.

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