Flash player on Android phones steals banking information

5 November 2016

Android users downloading and installing fake Flash player are facing the threat of personal information theft. According to the reports from the internet security experts the malware under guise of the Flash player application can steal the user credentials from various 94 financial applications including PayPal and Citi.

After the installation of the malware it is integrated into the telephone launcher and is displayed on the screen as Google Play page prompting the user to provide administrator rights for the application. When the user launches any banking application the malware displays the fake login screen asking to enter the user name and the password. Inasmuch as the malware also controls the SMS messages, the two-step authentication process becomes useless.

Apart from the banking applications the malware also targets the social media tricking users into entering the personal data when they go their page on Facebook or use Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram and other applications.

In order to turn off the execution of the scenario users may open the phone settings and disable the administrator rights after which they may uninstall the malicious Flash player application.

At the moment the malware is mostly spreading across the United States and some European countries, including France and Germany.

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