First Data removes acquisition press-release, but confirms negotiations to takeover BluePay

19 October 2017

First DataFirst Data confirmed that an error was committed this morning on its website when a news release was published reporting the company’s plan to takeover BluePay, a Naperville-based provider of credit card payment processing solutions for business customers in the United States and Canada. First Data later removed the post on its website and made a statement clarifying its current negotiations with BluePay over its potential acquisition.

First Data explained that the news release about its agreed takeover of the payment processor and upcoming conference call was posted inadvertently on its website. The Atlanta-based payment technology solutions vendor furnished explanation that it really is in negotiations with BluePay over a possible deal, but the deal has not been finalized yet.

Furthermore, First Data remained dubious about the outcome, saying there is no certainty if the transaction will be finalized after all. It also underlined the uncertainty about the terms of the potential deal. Therefore, the conference call has not been held this morning.

BluePay is providing payment technologies and services to enterprises and small to medium-sized business across the United States and Canada. BluePay boasts a wide range of options for payment processing, including mobile environment, physical POS solutions and online interface. Besides, businesses get access to real-time settlements, reporting and reconciliation features while staying protected against fraud and identity theft.

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