First Data makes it possible for Chinese travelers to the U.S. to pay with UnionPay

25 October 2017

UnionPayFirst Data has entered into a deal with Chinese UnionPay International over processing the transactions made on UnionPay cards in the United States. In the official report the two companies explained that under the terms of their partnership, Chinese travelers to the U.S. will be provided an option to pay with their UnionPay chip, credit and debit cards at any location serviced by First Data.

The report further adds that the deal will eventually be expanded to cover all 4 million merchants using the processing services of First Data. According to the forecast made by the companies, the number of Chinese visitors to the U.S. is expected to reach over 23 million by 2021. Available data shows that currently Chinese travelers spend about $8,000 per a trip.

The deal also provides for processing of payments made during online shopping and with the use of mobile and other devices. The primary industries to be initially accessible for Chinese travelers using UnionPay cards include travel and entertainment, and, in particular, airlines, cruise lines and entertainment theme parks.

Dan Charron, an executive vice president of global business solutions at First Data, notes that supporting their merchants with additional payment options comes in line with the global integration viewed today, making the world one borderless space.

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