Fingerprint authentication and lock-screen transactions finally come to Danish iPhone users

22 June 2017

Danish iPhoneCustomers holding Danish national debit card branded as Dankort with mobile wallets are offered the new functionality to make contactless payments using their smartphones. The new service is available to account holders at 62 banks belonging to The Bokis Partnership and features payments made with biometric authentication and there is no need to enter PIN-codes or perform other actions to authorize transactions.

Dankort debit cards already have contactless transaction capability but the limit amount for payments made without authorization is 200 Danish Krone, and payments above this threshold require PIN-code. The new solution enables customers to make contactless payments exceeding that amount authorizing them with Touch ID on their iPhones.

Earlier Dankort Idea Lab conducted a pilot test of the lock-screen mobile payments at the retail locations of Dansk Supermarked Group, including Netto, Føtex, Bilka and Salling malls. Now after the successful trial this service is expanded to cover more customers with larger amounts provided.

Developed by joint forces of Nordic payment solutions provider Nets and Bokis, this updated contactless transactions feature makes its convenient for iPhone owners to make quick and seamless payments from their lock-screens while authenticating larger amounts just with fingerprint identification enabled by Touch ID. The service was made available on Android devices earlier, and the creators decided to extend it to Apple’s smartphones as well, notes Bokis chairman Jesper Schiøler.

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