Finger authorization payments start at Proud Camden after all several months past the announcement

31 January 2017

Today London nightclub Proud Camden is piloting an innovative payment solution FingoPay, developed by Sthaler to allow visitors to seamlessly make transactions by their finger tip without any need to every time provide their personal payment details or take out their card or smartphone. The payment method is aimed at reducing the lines in the bar and on the other hand ensure security of transactions.

FigoPay is a finger authentication reader powered by Hitachi technology, it models 3D map of finger veins of consumers resulting in natural security key. Users just insert their finger into the reader and authorize the transaction, as the device automatically links the personal vein pattern to previously provided data. In November 2015 this technology was trialed by WorldPay in the UK.

CEO of Sthaler Nick Dryden notes that eliminating any necessity to carry cash or cards to a nightclub FingoPay bring customer experience to a new level of comfort at Proud Camden. Apart from usability and ease of operation this payment option provides 10% cashback for visitors to spend it next time at the club.

FingoPay was first unveiled in August last year with the announcement that the technology would be tested at Proud Camden and a project to be developed with Coop’s food stores. While Barclays was already testing this scanner last year, Sthaler has unique rights for providing license to retail businesses.

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