Federal Trade Commission instructs developers on how to track customer data in a right way

24 January 2017

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a report on using the cross-device tracking technology with the guidelines for the industry players on ensuring privacy of the customers. In the ‘Cross-Device Tracking: An FTC Staff Report’ the regulator is discussing the cross-device tracking service and how it is implemented across many devices with the internet connection. FTC also considers the aftermaths of such technology and how they can be addressed in a mutually beneficial manner.

FTC acknowledges that the cross-device tracking streamlines and improves user experience, mitigating fraud cases and ensuring more efficiency for advertisement. Yet, FTC notes that such tracking often happens with users being unaware of the fact and adds that it may be the case when customers have limited choice to control records of their activity with their sensitive information risked.

FTC further notes that the companies developing applications for consumers should clearly disclose the fact of potential tracking and provide more options including an option to decline such data collection.

In its report the regulator also instructs businesses to provide sufficient security for customers personal information collected when they use applications with Internet connection.

In the summer 2016 FTC filed a complaint against InMobi, a Singapore-based company, for tracing the locations of mobile users without their consent seeking to impose penalty on the company in the amount of $950,000 and enforce it to remove all collected private data, taking into account that many applications based on InMobi target young children.

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