Facebook incorporates crowdfunding for charity feature into its Safety Check service

15 June 2017

This week Facebook introduced an array of new functions to its Safety Check service, including the introduction of fundraisers to allow people to raise required funds and ask for financial support when they find themselves in the focus of some crisis or disaster. Facebook reported that right in the Safety Check users will have an opportunity to create fundraising pages or make donations to charities or personal fundraising campaigns held by people in the cart. The new set of functions is coming to the social network within the following weeks, to be first launched in the US.

Apart from this, Facebook is also broadening its Community Help service which will be available both on PCs and mobile devices with an extensive access provided to the users. Community Help can now be accessed for any types of crises where Safety Check option is enabled.

Safety Check service was introduced by Facebook two years ago to activate the verification process at the time of crises or disasters to ensure that people in the affected regions are on the safe side. Safety Check allows users to tag their profiles as “safe” which means that they are alive and survived the disaster. Now Safety Check is furnished with expanded possibilities and enables users to provide more information in a personal note. This note will be published in the News Feed.

Facebook also adds crisis descriptions derived from their partner allowing the social network participants to stay updated on the current status of their friends or relatives in the crisis-affected area.

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