EU employees may receive their bitcoin salaries more quickly with IBAN feature introduced by Bitwage

17 April 2017

BitwageSan-Francisco based bitcoin payroll and international payment service Bitwage announced the launch of the new capability for employees, simplifying the process of payroll access. The improvement of the service affects the customers based in the EU and includes the use of unique International Bank Account Number (IBAN) by the clients subscribing for the premium account or those, who have amounts of monthly transactions exceeding €1,999.

With IBAN employees of Bitwage clients will be able to get their wage more quickly, because this unique code identifies a specific bank account eliminating the need for long lines and addition information provided for payroll transfer.

The company says that the new service using IBAN capability allows EU customers to get access to their salaries to without a need to create deposit claims, because no payment descriptions are required for transactions with IBAN.

Bitwage further continues stating that the company has ambitious goals to move their innovative products from the US to European markets providing their customers access to the salaries in digital assets.

Bitwage was founded in 2013 and has been since providing payroll distribution services to its customers either in bitcoin, local currencies or commodities. The service helps both employers and employees to cut their costs, have more transparency of the payment process and enjoy faster process of international wage payment.

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