Equity crowdfunding firm OurCrowd raises 75$ million

22 September 2016

OurCrowdA Jerusalem-based equity crowdfunding platform, OurCrowd gained a 72 million USD financing in a Series C round expecting the amount to reach 100 million. Half of the raised funds is planned to be invested into establishing new offices across the glove while the rest of the amount will be used for expanding its startup investment capabilities to improve the process of matching the investors and new companies seeking for capital.

As the company CEO notes the OurCrowd has an ambitious aim to reach 1 billion USD investment made every year by 2020.

OurCrowd crowdfunding service allows startups to get access to the financing more directly than other platforms. The investors in the Series C round are not disclosed except for UOB Group, based in Singapore.

UOB Group executive notes that the bank is willing to provide more help for startups to grow into well-established businesses. The bank wants to get closer partnership with OurCrowd over investments into the startup market across Singapore and Asia.

To date the crowdfunding company has raised more than 100 million USD with 100 companies in the list and over 300 million USD invested into the startup projects.

A board member at OurCrowd notes that the platform has turned into a large project over the past years. The company will use the last financing for further enhancing the business activity and development scenario attracting other investors and boosting the participation of people in crowdfunding the startup companies.

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