Dutch bank introduces charity boxes with NFC-capability

9 January 2017

ingAmsterdam-based multinational banking and financial services corporation of the Netherlands ING Group is introducing special charity boxes with the contactless transaction capability to allow donators with little cash on hand to use their payment cards of NFC-enabled mobile devices to make contributions.

The charity box jointly developed by the startup Whydonate in the innovation laboratory of ING known as ICEC within a period of just 10 days. The idea behind the new service is the fact that 52% of consumers usually have their bank notes at homes while carrying only plastic cards with them for making transactions, as reported by studies of ING’s Economics Bureau.

The NFC-powered collection box accepts tap and go payments from debit cards and near-field communication smartphones with the pilot to be conducted during 2017 in the Netherlands. According to the bank’s statement the new technology will be a help for charities trying to raise funds from door to door.

In 2012 Fortune Global 500 named ING as the largest banking and financial services corporation in the world by its revenue, gross proceedings amounting to over 150 billion US dollars a year, being the 18th larges corporation by revenue in general. Three years ago ING was serving more than 48 million customers covering over 40 countries. The corporation’s manpower exceeds 75 thousand employees. The primary business of the corporation is focused on retail banking, direct banking, commercial, investment banking, as well as asset management and insurance products.

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