Darwin Tusarma Taba, CEO of Paycores: “we believe that we have the capacity to achieve great things”

12 September 2017

PaycoresFintech is not a property of an individual or a single country, it is penetrating all areas of all people across the globe deeper and more intense, so we continue talking to various leaders and representatives in the fintech industry to cover the greater number of fintech startups, and this time we have an exciting discussion with Darwin Tusarma Taba, a CEO of a Colombian company Paycores, dealing with the card payment processing services, and we are happy to publish this interview kindly provided by Darwin to our readers.

Could you, please, introduce your company in a nutshell? What is your mission in the financial market?

Pay States S.A.S is a company whos main goal is to develop and deliver Paycores, its main product, which is a payment gateway service, where transactions of any franchise (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Diners Club) are processed.

What are your major services you offer? Who is your primary target audience?

We have a series of services that adapt to the needs of each company and are listed as follows:

Banks and Allied Franchises

Paycores.com provides the necessary support to keep our customers comfortable and confident; we have a professional staff willing to provide the best service.

Web Checkout

Our Web Checkout service accepts all major credit cards, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and Visa, adapting to your company needs.

Rest Api

Our Rest Api enables a fast and easy connection to our services. It is available in different programming languages.


Our customers can implement Paycores.com’s SDK and receive payments from Android mobile devices, and soon iOS. Our SDK allows a secure and fast connection.

Payment Button

Our Payment button is the easiest way to sell your products, install it without a deep technical knowledge of computer science.

Virtual Payment Terminal

Another popular service is our Virtual Payment terminal. Paycores.com offers this easy to use service, which allows you to receive payments from any major credit card from any franchise.


Paycores.com also provides modules for Android, and soon iOS, as an alternative to the SDK, which has all the necessary modules in order to establish a safe connection with us.

Physical Payment Terminal

Paycores.com thinks of your company, therefore, you can request our Physical Payment Terminals which are certified under high quality and security standards.


Our E-commerce allows you to create a virtual store with no limit to the number of products you can offer, at no additional cost to you, and it is easy and safe to use.

Our target audience is e-commerce companies that want to have a payment system which is easy and fast to integrate. Paycores offers, companies that are unsatisfied with their current payment methods, the support they need with our gateway.


Who are your main competitors in the market? Do your services have some competitive advantages? What are unique features of your business?

Our main competitors in the market are Payu Latam, Stripe, Market Payments, Epayco and any payment gateway that is on the Internet, our differentiating factor is a quality service with adequate technical and commercial support and we have low but competitive rates on the market.

What is your primary market?

Our main market is the Colombian electronic commerce market, but also taking into account that we will soon be operating in international markets, there are still many unexplored markets in our country and we want to take advantage of this opportunity.

How well is fintech shaped in your country of operation? What challenges do you face there?

Colombia is a country in which E-commerce has been gaining strength since 2012, people are getting used to using this medium  more and more to make purchases that is why there are so many companies that have integrated payment gateways, but there are still sectors unexplored, and Paycores.com wants to explore them and be part of the solution.

How could your potential clients join your service? Do they need any special hardware or software?

Paycores’s services are easy to integrate, we have an API similar to the one offered by Stripe or other payment gateways, our services were created in a way that integrating it is just a copy and paste away in order to reduce complications when using them. All the services that we offer are also as usable and easy to integrate as Paycores’s API, just create a Paycores account and our team will get in touch to help.

How do you ensure fraud protection and transaction security for your customers?

Our payment gateway has PCI-DSS certified servers; we also use our own anti-fraud system developed in artificial intelligence and also an anti-fraud service called Cybersource visa.

Where do you see your company in the long-term? Could you share with us your ambitious goals and future development outlook?

Paycores seeks to be a payment gateway recognized in Colombia and the rest of the world, we believe that we have the capacity to achieve great things. We are a group of young entrepreneurs who believe in what we do and our goal is that Paycores make a presence in the European and North American market to gain recognition and be able to find an investor that will lead us to fulfill our objectives.

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