Customers will soon be able to use touchscreen smart payment card offered by EDGE

23 February 2017

Santa-Cruz based fintech company, EDGE Mobile Payments, LLC is introducing the innovative product to the financial market with its unique offering EDGE Card. The new smart card will allow cardholders to store a number of various cards and use them all through the single device for making secure payments in various modes, including magnet stripe, EMV chip and contactless payments.

EDGE Card features user-friendly touchscreen with biometric authentication capability as well as personal finance management tools to enhance customer experience in making transactions with their cards.

CEO of the company notes that EDGE is developing the new smart payment card product that will combine several transaction processing methods increasing convenience for cardholders. In the official press-release the company underlines that EDGE Card is an innovative response to the fragmented market environment when many locations still use old-fashioned magnetic stripe cards and new standard of EMV chip along with NFC-powered mobile payments.


The company believes that their product stands out on the background of other similar offerings in the market due to its enhanced performance and delivery. EDGE Card will be compatible with existing magnetic stripe POS and new EMV chip card readers as well as NFC terminals.

EDGE Card will integrate personal finance management applications, including online account information, receipt storage and Credit Assistant helping cardholders find better card based on FICO credit score, interest rates and rewards programs.

The card is scheduled for official launch later this year.

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