Customers of the National Bank of Australia enabled to invest in global startups with OurCrowd

5 June 2017

National Bank of AustraliaPrivate banking unit of the National Bank of Australia is in a deal with equity crowdfunding platform OurCrowd that provides financing to various startups globally. This Israeli crowdfunding service initially came to the market of Australia back in 2014, but the NAB notes that it is the first time it is providing its customers with access to the world’s largest equity crowdfunding company.

OurCrowd continuously holds researches looking for investment opportunities, injecting its own funds and delivering support to the companies on its board after fundraising events. To date the service has managed to collect as much as over 600 million of Australian dollars funneled by about 20 thousand investors spread across 112 nations.

Christine Yates, a private executive general manager for the NAB, provided further details saying that customers of the NAB will have access that is not possible outside this strategic partnership. She noted that OurCrowd meets the demand of the NAB clients for global investment opportunities as it provides a full-fledged end-to-end solution.

OurCrowd was incorporated by Jon Medved and is currently viewed as the top 25 fintech startups in Israel. OurCrowd enables average investors to place their money into the thoroughly examined and verified startups beside major venture capital owners and angel investors.

Dan Bennett, a managing director for OurCrowd Australia and Asia region, noted that for the NAB clients the deal will bring investment transactions mainly targeting the US, Israel and Asia-Pacific markets.

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