Customers may open bank accounts with Credit Suisse in a matter of 15 minutes online

17 July 2017

Credit Suisse, a multinational financial services provider based in Switzerland, started providing interactive digital subscription process enabling customers to sign up for a new account with the bank using their mobile devices or a PC. The whole process takes little time and involves questions and answers required for selecting the right banking services package as well as the source of the assets deposited with the bank and scanning an ID accompanied with the video call for verification of the user’s identity. The final step includes electronic signing up for a new account.

To make the new subscription service possible, Credit Suisse has joined forces with Swisscom that provided the technology for identification of the ID owner and confirmation of their integrity when a potential customer makes a video call. The technology allows recognizing the security features of the ID and holograms, 3D images and watermarks.

After the verification process completes successfully, the data is sent by Swisscom program to Credit Suisse using a secure encrypted connection. As the bank receives the user information it reviews the requirements from the legal and regulatory perspectives. Once the bank completes the verification process account becomes accessible and usable immediately, and the customers are sent Maestro card and credit cards by mail.

According to the official statement, the new service targets initially private individuals located in Switzerland and may be accessed in German, English, French, and Italian. Later it is scheduled to launch to clients based outside Switzerland and corporate customers.

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